Kell Brook Destroys Amir Khan In One-Sided Match

Kell Brook Destroys Amir Khan In One-Sided Match and finally looks like the rivalry between Brook and Khan ends here.

A packed-out Manchester Arena witnessed a demolition job from Sheffield’s Brook, 35, who showcased timing and power to win in emphatic fashion.

A fight that had been in the making for over 17 years – with the two former world champions having trading words but never punches – ended with Khan and Brook embracing.

The thrilling encounter might mark the end of both men’s fighting careers, with Brook admitting that, although he felt he was back in top form, retirement was on his mind.

“I can live at peace with Amir Khan on my record,” Brook said. “My mojo is back and I love this game. We will listen to loved ones and see, but I’m back, baby.

“I can walk away but I could fight [Chris] Eubank [Jr]. I don’t like Eubank. If the fight is right I will fight – I’m a prizefighter.”

Khan, also 35, admitted he struggled to switch on during the fight after the sixth defeat of his career.

“Forty fights is a lot of fights. Winning two world titles, going to America… I need to sit down with my family, but it’s more towards the end of my career,” he said.

“That love of the sport is not there anymore. When I was in the ring (before) I had that excitement, but I didn’t have it. I felt quite flat and maybe that’s a sign I should be calling it a day.”.

Kell Brook Destroys Amir Khan In One-Sided Match

Kell Brook Destroys Amir Khan In One-Sided Match

Twenty years since they first met in the ring as amateurs, and after more than a decade of simmering animosity between them, Kell Brook finally gained the sweet vindication he has craved for so long when he stopped Amir Khan in the sixth round on Saturday night in Manchester.

Brook reacted to his crushing victory with euphoria while Khan looked dazed and broken after he was helped to his corner.

The end, when it came, was as predictable as it was bleak for Khan.

He protested meekly to the referee, Victor Loughlin, but he had suffered heavy punishment and, backed up helplessly against the ropes as Brook pummelled him, there could be only one outcome.

One last uppercut, which followed percussive combinations, rocked Khan’s head back and, thankfully, Loughlin called a halt to the contest 51 seconds into round six.

Khan had come out fast and thrown some flashy combinations before the true pattern of the fight was established.

Brook nailed him with a stiff left hand which made Khan stagger backward.

Despite the shake of his head, it was clear that Khan had been hurt. They had to be separated at the bell but Brook had the look of a man who knew that he was about to dominate the rival he had despised for over a decade.

It seemed as if Brook hurt Khan every time he landed with real intent.

Khan has always been an immensely brave fighter, however, and he fought back and tagged Brook occasionally with his fast hands.

But Brook went downstairs to the body in the fourth round before, with calm deliberation, he began to really open up in the fifth.

Khan tried to backpedal away but he could not stem the dark surge of trouble that finally engulfed him. It was a relief when it was all over.

Their grudge match had always been bitterly personal to Brook who believed Khan had continually ignored or disrespected him. “Kell’s always been very obsessed with my career, as a fanboy,” Khan said this week. “I’ve been living in his head for such a long time.” He then fuelled the acrimony by saying: “I’m worried about Kell’s health after the beating I’m giving him.”

Brook brutally exposed the hubris of Khan. His pleasure in almost certainly ending the career of the man who had been his nemesis for so long will be deep and sustained for Brook has long harbored an intense dislike of Khan.

The only danger for Brook is that he will believe overwhelming a faded Khan is a sign that he should campaign again at a far higher level against much younger and far more threatening men. Brook has suffered three crushing defeats over the years and this immensely satisfying win cannot obscure the damage he suffered against far superior fighters in Gennady Golovkin, Errol Spence, and Terence Crawford – who stopped him in his previous fight. It would be an uplifting end to the Sheffield fighter’s near 17 years in the professional ring if he could walk away with his health intact at the age of 35.

Khan is also 35 and, before he stepped into the ring against Brook, he had said: “If either of us loses, it’s something that will haunt us for a very long time. That’s the reason I’ve trained so hard. I’ve done everything I’ve needed to because I know I can’t lose this fight.”

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