Rotonda, the blockchain company that operates Bithumb Burrito Wallet, today announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with The Sandbox to expand its blockchain ecosystem.

The Sandbox is a global metaverse platform that makes it easier for users to create content such as games, avatars, and items. It comes with free 3D creation tools for content creation. Users can also monetize their content. It has partnered with more than 400 major companies, including Netmarble, Line Studios, Ubisoft, and ZEPETO, and has nearly 5 million subscribers worldwide.

Through this agreement, Bithumb Burrito Wallet will support wallet integration within The Sandbox platform by integrating an on-chain experience across services. Bithumb Burrito Wallet users will have greater access to a variety of content on The Sandbox, including avatars and assets created by Sandbox LAND users and an NFT marketplace. In addition, the wallet will support the multi-chain capabilities of SAND, the utility token of The Sandbox, to increase wallet utilization.

"We expect users to enjoy a new Web3 experience in a metaverse environment where they can create their own content," said Mincheol Shin, CEO of Bithumb Burrito Wallet. "We will continue to collaborate with companies in various fields to develop the Web3 market and position ourselves as a differentiated wallet service in the global market."

"Our partnership with Bithumb Burrito Wallet will make it easier and more convenient for users to enjoy The Sandbox platform," said Lee Seung-hee, CEO of The Sandbox Korea. "The Sandbox will continue to collaborate with various companies to improve service features and convenience."

Bithumb Burrito Wallet has been actively expanding its ecosystem by collaborating with global projects to popularize blockchain. Last month, it announced a partnership with Oasys, a Japanese blockchain specializing in gaming, to integrate the Oasys mainnet into its app and connect to major IP gaming DApps.

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