Supermoon Cryptocurrency Price and Everything You Want To Know

Supermoon Cryptocurrency Price and Everything You Want To Know

What is Supermoon Cryptocurrency?

Supermoon is a digital crypto-currency with a unique approach to Proof-of-Stake APR% rewards.

Each stake return is a variable Annual Percent Reward (APR%) calculated against the occurring four primary Phases of the Moon in REAL-TIME.

SUPERMOON also has a bonus system for key Stellar Events.

Moon phases and stellar events are calculated and tracked to trigger in real-time based on UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

Moon phases and Stellar events reward stack to award relative value APR% for each wallet competing for Proof-of-Stake block rewards, again calculated in real-time.

Supermoon Crypto Price

Supermoon (OSM)$0.000000000519

Supermoon Cryptocurrency Price and Everything You Want To Know

Supermoon Cryptocurrency Price and Everything You Want To Know

All About Supermoon

SUPERMOON follows, in Real-Time, the four primary phases of the moon’s monthly cycle to variably
switch the APR% return to set the block reward for each approximate seven-day phase.

SUPERMOON links the real world to digital cryptocurrency, in a way that is unique.

With the moon visible worldwide to all residents regardless of location, we all see the same moon, with the same Moon
phase, just be-it seen from different locations across the surface of our Earth.

SUPERMOON was conceptually authored by David Chapman to spark the idea and new concepts for
cryptocurrencies, by using the Proof-of-Stake system principles to make it possible to link the Real
World to an untypical digital crypto-currency environment
Under this unique hybrid reward design and original approach using Proof-of-Stake mechanics to
facilitate the cryptocurrency coins functions, although the coin still requires an initial Proof-of-Work
the phase which mainly provides a basis to produce the initial minting of a number of coins, which is
essential for the start for the creation of coin process, but the Proof-of-work phase becomes nonessential and is disabled after the start of the Proof-of-Stake engine phase can keep the transaction
block creation engines working full time.

The security level of the network is therefore not dependent on large energy consumption and computing
the effort, once the Proof-Of-Work has provided the initial minimum, required base coin stake to guarantee
that the Proof-of-Stake can maintain the mining reward mechanics being driven continually thus
providing an energy-efficient and more cost-competitive peer-to-peer crypto-currency.

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