SAFEGALAXY Crypto Price and All You Want to Know About

SAFEGALAXY Crypto Price and All You Want to Know About

SafeGalaxy is an automated liquidity generation token on Binance’s deflationary, stable yield farming and smart chains.

This means that over time the supply of SafeGalaxy will decrease and you will be able to grow more tokens by keeping SafeGalaxy in your wallet, and there is always a liquid market for SafeGalaxy.

SafeGalaxy operates by paying a 10% commission on every transaction.

The fee is divided into two parts. Image – 50% commission (5% of the transaction) will be distributed to all portfolios holding SafeGalaxy on a percentage basis.

The longer you stick with SafeGalaxy, the more you can get! LP Generation – 25% of the cost collected from SafeGalaxy (2.5% of the transaction) will be sold in BNB.

This BNB will be combined with the remaining 25% of SafeGalaxy and deposited into the Pancake Swap liquidity pool.

These two actions combine to reward the owner and punish the whale.

Wouldn’t LP generation sell orders put downward pressure on prices? This pressure is minimal, but mathematically it is.

It takes a lot of volume to push a price in one direction or another.

If you consider that a sales order represents only 2.5% of the total transaction, you will quickly find that a small sales order is small compared to the total volume.

Furthermore, the production function of LPs serves as an exceptional risk mitigation tool, as it helps in maintaining market liquidity, balancing the liquidity pool, and thus price stability.

How much is my safe Galaxy crypto worth?

1 SAFEGALAXY = 0.000000005346 USD.

SAFEGALAXY Crypto Price and All You Want to Know About

SAFEGALAXY Crypto Price and All You Want to Know About

SafeGalaxy Coin (Token) Price, Coinmarketcap, How to Buy?

As it is a new currency, Safe Galaxy so far is not listed on any of the major replacements.

Nonetheless, coin holders can still purchase Safe Galaxy in countless ways.

Its team members advise using a Trust wallet with the help of which they can buy their currency from PanCakeSwap. 

  • To purchase SafeGalaxy, cryptocurrency users must first purchase a Binance Coin (BNB) and then exchange it for SafeGalaxy.
  • Create Trustwallet Account, Download the app. Available for iOS and Android,
  • Transfer BNB to Trust Wallet From Binance.
  • Click More Button on Trust Wallet to Swap to Smart Chain
  • Open Trust Wallet Click on DApps Find and Click on PanCakeSwap
  • After Opening PanCakeSwap “Click on Connect” on the top right corner.
  • Go to CoinMarketCap and Copy the Address of SafeGalaxy
  • Paste the address and choose SafeGalaxy. select the amount you want to swap & Swap.
  • And it’s done!

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